Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Email convo with coworker (streamlined for those with short attention spans):

TheMighty: Btw, did this picture crack you up or what?
maisnon: Sadly, as a former cheerleader, my response was "point your toes!"
TheMighty: oh boy. i will have to use cheerleader admission* in the future. AWESOME!!!
maisnon: Yeah, that would only work if I had any iota of a problem with being a former cheerleader. I don't. READY? OKAY!

* This is meant in the legal sense: an acknowledgement of the truth of a statement, or a statement tending to establish the guilt or liability of the person making the statement.


Roonie said...

I did not know you were a cheerleader! POINT YOUR TOES, YES!

Scorps1027 said...

that was a surprising fact to read at first. but then upon further thought, not really surprising:)

arem said...

you were a cheerleader?! but where is your valleygirl accent?

agk said...

as a former gymnast, i stand firmly beside you on the toe point.

(and by the way, i rarely meet desis who had enough social capital in HS to even be considered by the cheerleading squad)