Monday, November 12, 2007


I'm (re)learning how to knit! I tried to (re)teach myself last year, but did not get very far. (Mostly because of Gia's enthusiastic "assistance.") I will be taking a class at my local knitting shop. I went in over the weekend to pick up supplies.

superhelpful shopchick: Now you need needles.....bamboo or plastic?
maisnon: ??
shopchick: Well, are you a tightly wound personality, or loose-y-goosey?
maisnon: Tightly wound.
(shopchick selects plastic needles)
maisnon: Now, I immediately want to say "But, I'm not REALLY tightly wound"
shopchick: .... proving that you are, of course.


tamasha said...

Ha ha, she's awesome.

I find plastic needles too "sticky" - if that word makes any sense. I learned on metal needles (old skool! they were my grandmother's needles!) and now prefer bamboo. There's just enough slideyness (more than plastic but less than metal) and I like the way they feel in my hands.

chai said...

how funny! i just started learning how to knit. my co-worker is teaching a bunch of us. it's more complicated than crocheting (which by the way, i am relearning as well).

i use metal.