Sunday, March 09, 2008

the paris of the prairies

I had this quintessential moment of connection and I need to share it. About three weeks ago, I was at this Tiny Mexican Joint in the Mission. (Hereinafter, TMJ.) The food was great, and I totally vibed with the waitress. We ended up talking about this little tattoo that she had on her arm that a friend had done for her. She wanted to tweak it, and I recommended going to Body Manipulations on 16th Street where I had recently had my nose ring swapped out. A lot of piercing/tattoo places are pretty disdainful if you aren't all "modded" up, but the people here were great - super helpful and (important!) great sterile technique. (Which didn't really affect me as I wasn't getting something pierced - but it's GOOD to see!)

Then, last weekend, I was waiting for a bunch of people to meet up for brunch at Luna Park (catty corner across the street from TMJ. The organizer told me that he wanted to have brunch there next time. I raved about the food and the waitress.

After brunch, I wandered over to Body Manipulations to get my nosering tweaked. That process took about 2 minutes, and I walked out of the back room .... and there was the waitress! We did the whole "OMIGOD!!!" hug thing, and then had to follow it up with "Wait .... what's your name?" Hilarious. As it turns out, she wasn't even there for herself. The friend that she was having brunch with asked to stop by to get something looked at.

I can't get over the coincidence of it all - 5 minutes either way, and I would never have run into her!

(And, yes, we exchanged info - she's clearly meant to be my new BFF!)

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