Tuesday, March 18, 2008


And the world gets a little smaller, still. (carteblanche is a law school friend who lives in SF.)

carteblanche: it's nice that roonie is back.
maisnon: um, you do know that roonie is in real life one of my best friends, right?
carteblanche: She is? Really?
maisnon: are we talking about the same one? (is there more than one?)
carteblanche: Is she ... ahhm... dare I ask - cute?
maisnon: yes .....
carteblanche: damn
maisnon: but wait, this can't be right - how do you know her? i.e. in what context/which blog?
maisnon: b/c I don't think MY roonie has posted pics?
carteblanche: Texas law grad?
maisnon: so, phew, not my roonie
carteblanche: ahh bummer
maisnon: (although my roonie is a law grad, and currently lives in TX)
carteblanche: well, you're on roonie’s blog roll.
carteblanche: wait - geezohpetes.
maisnon: uh oh, is it getting weird again?
carteblanche: yes
maisnon: that is my very good friend
carteblanche: she rocks


maisnon: do you mind if I blog part of our convo ?
I can change your name (to anything you'd like, even.)
carteblanche: Sure, whatever you want.
maisnon: oh - carte blanche!
carteblanche: LOL. As long as I don't look like an ass.
maisnon: I may just go with carteblanche
maisnon: man, I have a weird sense of humour


Roonie said...

A small, small world it is!

tamasha said...

I love the title of this post.