Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm a big fan of not closing the loop, apparently. BUT, I've decided to dot the i and cross the t.

My random meeting with bloggers extraordinaire was because I crashed one of the BlogHer parties. Yes, in true cheap-ass desi ish-tyle, I didn't pay for the conference, but managed to get on the invite list for the Guy Kawasaki/Kirsty party.

Behold - the largest paella in the world. Sadly, with my photography skeelz, this looks like I just macro'd in on it. Nope, it's truly truly ginormous.

We took a shuttle from the Westin St. Francis in the city ... all the way down to ..... 1 mile away from where I used to live. And thank god for that, really. Our shuttle got well and truly lost, and I was able to get us back on track ... and en route to largest paella and redonkulous swag bags!


tamasha said...

Obvi you have to share what was in the swag bags. I am obsessed with swag bags. And I am on the verge of making some myself, so I need ideas.

fayza said...

Ooh, swag bags were chock full of gooooooooodness! Chockity chock chock full. And I could've curled up and napped in that paella pan, that's how gimundo it was.