Thursday, June 30, 2005


  • Splenda gives you cancer [girl smoking cig to friend sweetening up his tea.]
  • But I'm a horrendous dancer! [guy on cellphone during a break from BarBri]
  • Female, don't walk away from me [parking-obsessed guy in Adams Morgan]
  • Henry bequeaths all of his property to the couple's daughter, Dorkie [Community Property lecturer]
  • I think I'm getting "old man ass"....wait, was that TMI?[you know who you are]
  • Hm, I just touched your ass, I think. [coffeeshop, part I.]
  • I've seen better looking Japanese 95-year olds than this guy [coffeeshop, part II]


Heather said...

Are you going to make a "seen on chalkboard" post?

I worship splenda. You know, all the coffee shops still carry Equal - does anyone use that stuff? It seems like something left over from the 80's when the sugar substitute craze was at its peak. Like, I'll have a Tab and a packet of Equal, thanks.

eve said...

Oh, I know - DORKIE? There are so many D names out there - Doreen, Doris, Diana, Demeter, Desiree, Dominique, Della, I could go on but I'll stop 'cuz this is not fun! - and he goes with DORKIE???

It makes me wonder if he had some crazy Aunt Dorkie, and on her death bed, he promised he'd find a way to always use her name in hypos...

CM said...

That was almost a poem. Just change the last line to "I've seen better looking Japanese 95-year olds than this guy."

maisnon said...

Hmm...I will make the suggested change, CM. But for clarity, the person being referred to was IN FACT a 95-year old Japanese guy.