Friday, August 26, 2005

Mojo Rising

The mojo is coming back on line, kids, and thanggod for that.

I spent a good part of yesterday trying to chat with my neighbor's mom. Since she's from Senegal, the French comes in handy - but not entirely because of the whole Creole/Patois thing. I'm not entirely sure what we talked about but I think that she castigated me for moving without saying goodbye to her (I begged off that I haven't moved yet), she told me that she would pray for me, and then promised to marry me off. Or possibly she was praying that I'd get married. (!!)

Today, even more Home Deepa-age. My favorite moment: I asked a clerk for remnants of 1/2" drywall. The guy raised an eyebrow at me. Oh HELLLLLLLLL no! Don't let the pigtails fool you - I will linoleum tile your ass, mofo!

I'm starting to really enjoy the do-it-yourself thing. I feel like I've forgotten so much about what I was like pre-lawschool, but I used to love putting things together. Apparently, I still do. And you know what? I love IKEA - and I'm not going to feel guilty/cheap about it. Ain't no shame in my game. I love their design sense, and I love putting the furniture together. Mmm.... Allen keys galore. (Aside: from putting together an entire houseful of IKEA furniture with Saj - never try to outthink the Swedes! Follow the damn pictorial instructions.) And I'm fine with just giving it away and starting over when I move. Is that wrong??

20 days, mes p'tits.


Andrea said...

elle est de Sénégal et parle une créole? c'est intéressant, parce que je pensais que les Africains en général parlaient le français "français" - parce qu'ils l'apprennent en école. La langue maternelle, c'est une langue Africain comme le Wolof, et puis en école on apprend le français et parfois l'anglais.

Je pensais pas qu'on mélange les deux langues... mais je connais très peu de la culture Africaine. :P

suitablegirl said...

i lurve IKEA. ain't no nthanam in MY game, either.




maisnon said...


Je pense que c'est une chose de generations. Elle est très, très vieille, ainsi je ne suis pas sûr combien des ans d'education elle a eu dans le Français "français", elle semble seulement parler ce mélange de Français et de langue africaine (non identifiée). Sa fille, d'autre part, parle français (évidemment, elle est un professeur de français!) et patois (avec sa mère.)

Roonie said...

Okay, I can't understand most of the comments, but no biggie. The reason why I love this post is because I can just HEAR you saying it. I love when posts are written that way.

Chai said...

"Oh HELLLLLLLLL no! Don't let the pigtails fool you - I will linoleum tile your ass, mofo!"

HAHAHAH!!! I can totally hear you re-enacting this story to your friends, with the hands, the look, and the impending laughter from everyone. MAN.

You will be sorely missed in DC. Brimful, take good care of this one!