Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Big Mouth Strikes Again

Last week at some point, I told the Star that I needed a reeeeeeally good night out. You know, the kind that leaves you thinking "wow, that was great. Really! Glad! I! Went! Out!", as opposed to a lot of nights (which leave you thinking "I could have a V8.") The Star rightfully pointed out that complaining about needing a great night out is pretty obnoxious when you've just had dinner with the complainee. Point taken!

The day of the threatened fork stabbing, the Star and I headed up into the city. I demanded that we stop at Taqueria Cancun before the show. Mmmm... Taqueria Cancun. There are some meals that you think about, even when you're not hungry. Veggie burrito at TC, you have my 'eart. The guacamole will sucker punch you with its sass. Combine with a Pacifico, and it's pure gustatory pleh-zhuh.

Stomach in check, we headed up the street to the Elbo Room. What a study in contrasts: the downstairs is pure dive bar, and the upstairs ... is actually a nice live performance space. Los Pinguos were in full effect. As some of you know, I have followed a DC-based flamenco group, Young & Rollins, for years and years now. Although I don't know much about it, I love me some flamenco guitar - plus, flamenco is always fun live. Los Pinguos are no exception -you can see how much the guys enjoy jamming together and interacting with the audience. Definitely a recommend. (My LA peeples - Los Pinguos are based down there, go see them! DC peeps - Y&R (ha ha!) often play Iota, keep an eye out.)

In summary, a GREAT night out.


brimful said...

Nice Smiths shout-out!

Being a non-veggie, I'm a big fan of El Toro, over Tacqueria Cancun... but everyone else I know is the exact opposite!

Glad you didn't think "I could have had a V8" at the end of the night. :)

maisnon said...

Hmm... I am non-veggie too. I have to try El Toro now. Maybe there can be some kind of burrito-off!

oodles said...

You have to try La Corneta. There's one in the Mission and one in Glen Park. Good, cheap Mexican food...

brimful said...

Ha! oodles just proved the long-standing theory I've had-- everyone in the city has their own "swear by it" tacqueria. :)

That doesn't mean we shouldn't check out La Corneta some time!

maisnon said...

I see a Burrito-off in our collective future! ;)