Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Communication is key

the Star: I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make the show tonight. Work is kind of exploding.
maisnon: That's okay
the Star: Well, did you want to go...I mean, I feel bad.
maisnon: Hmmm, well I do want to go - but I won't go if you're not going. But it's not like I'll cry hot tears of disappointment if we don't go.
the Star: ... so 6.5.
maisnon: (eye rolling)
the Star: Oh, I'm sorry - would you like it in your language? 'I'm feeling okay about it, but not too certain - but generally, I'd say yes.'
maisnon: Was that so hard?
the Star: What the hell does that mean? It doesn't SAY anything!!
maisnon: It spoke to ME
the Star: ...while you were speaking I was thinking "8... minus 3...plus 1 divided by 2"
maisnon: I'm going to stab you with my fork. Does THAT speak to you?


brimful said...

You're going to the Elbo Room tonight? So jealous!!

Word to the wise, in case the 6.5 goes to a perfect 10, careful on the drinkies there- the bartenders have the whole lead foot thing going with their pouring skills.

Chai said...

hahaha. that was awesome.

Heather said...

really, i think, fork stabbing speaks to everyone.