Monday, November 28, 2005

You got SERVED!

The Court cannot even begin to comprehend why this case was selected for reference. It is almost as if Plaintiff's counsel chose the opinion by throwing long range darts at the Federal Reporter (remarkably enough hitting a nonexistent volume!) And although the Court often gives great heed to dicta from courts as far flung as those of Manitoba, it finds this case unpersuasive.

--Bradshaw v. Unity Marine Corp. Inc,
147 F. Supp. 2d 668 (SD Tex. 1991)


brimful said...

Ooooh, snap! :)

Heather said...

Wow. I think I'm turned on. Is that weird?

Saheli said...

Heh. I love it when lawyer friends dig out snark like that.

maisnon said...

Yessss...I love it when the Hon. I.M. SnarkTastic is presiding.

One of my favorite legal writing rules, which I was just reminded of while reading a legal brief from 1965, is: if you have to say "clearly", it isn't.

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

I want to be the author of an opinion such as that one fine day.

"Clearly" was like, my word all fall 2004 semester. Clearly effing uncredible, I was. I dragged it out for effect, though. I think people were fooled. My best friend got a kick out of the excessive overusage, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of overuse, 'excessive overusage' qualifies ;)