Friday, January 20, 2006

55 Fiction Friday: Shopaholic edition

Friday, and I need (retail) therapy.

She flipped through the clothing rack idly. Hmmm, not her style [flip flip] looked cheap {flip flip] too low-rise equals too much information [flip flip] Dear god, pegged pants! [flip flip] Gauchos? Like THAT was a good fashion trend?! [flip flip] Ooh, these were nice…and in her price range. And look, "extra-cranky" – just her size!


Matt Conrad said...

Cranky pants?? Why would anyone want to be a cranky pants?

I think you should take up golf for your new sport. Thoughts?

maisnon said...

MC:The point isn't that she WANTS to be size extra cranky pants, just that she is.

Hmmm, golf a good walk spoiled - I'll think about it.

. said...