Monday, January 23, 2006

the Mogwai

Based on Saturday night's festivities (more to come), Roop and I just coined a new term.

Gremlin (noun or verb) - that tendency of friends, usually male, to pull abrupt personality shifts from charming/witty/humorous to "not so much" after consuming 3 or more alcoholic drinks.


Dude, after the tequila shot, he pure gremlined and was hitting on every woman in the bar.

He's usually so upbeat and fun to talk to, but he turns into a gremlin and becomes a total conspiracy theorist if he hits the sauce.


Maitri said...

They die when exposed to sunlight, you know.

brimful said...

I guess one should not "feed" the gremlins alcoholic beverages after midnight, either.

wt said...

My name is wt. And I am a, [sniff], gremlin.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. And petting Gizmo.

roops said...

lol. remember that whole passing out business cards idea? i like "you are a gremlin".

Roonie said...

Now, that's the sort of brilliant term coinage I expect from you, Ms. Mais Non.