Monday, April 02, 2007

If I wrote you

Why does it always seem that when I at my craziest, and my life is at its most unbalanced, I come up with ideas and things to try?

Spending some time on Craigslist, I've joined a newly-formed book group. And I'm excited about it. Since I joined, though, the little wheels in my head have been turning and I've decided I want to try an online book group. Largely, it's the known quantity factor: I know (most of) the people who comment on my blog. I know that they are literate and articulate (and they have great taste in reading material! ;) )

So, couple of questions:

(1) Would y'all be interested in doing something like that?
(2) Should I start a separate blog for it, or could we just use this space?
(3) Should it be more defined (like fiction v. non-fiction, etc. etc.)?

I'm throwing it out there, because if there's one thing I'm trying to do - it's spend less time in my own head!


Salil said...

I'm in!

Neel Mehta said...

I never learned to read.

Actually, it's a good idea. A blog-ring might be an even better idea. I don't know if I could commit, though. Use this space.

Personally, I wouldn't restrict the books read, but see what others have to say about that. Haven't written about books in a while, but I can suggest titles.

meghan said...

A friend of mine has done just that:

The thing is, I really miss the in-person banter than happens IRL. Comment threads just aren't the same...and I guess it doesn't help that I'm not wild about the engine she's using for her site (no RSS!).

tamasha said...

Hmm. I was thinking of doing this as a way of supplementing my (I'm not only a client, I'm the playa president) IRL book club, but I am what is commonly called lazy. Actually I think it would be a good thing, as most of the people in my BC all know each other from other areas of life, or rather the same area of life, and thus we sit around and talk about said life. Or boys, instead of books. And we drink too much wine.

N-E-wayz... To answer your questions: Awesome idea. Separate blog. Alternate between fiction and non-fiction. The one good thing about my IRL BC is that we "appoint" one person to sort of be in charge of each "session" - that may or may not work online.

Exciting! :)

roonie said...

I would love to. Can I do it from Houston?

maisnon said...

roonie: Of course! Houston's on the Internet, after all!

all: I'm collecting ideas and will post an update probably this weekend.