Tuesday, April 03, 2007

left ear*

The cold/congestion nastiness from a few weeks ago has returned. So totally not cool. I am not used to this. I generally get a mild cold twice a year (when the seasons change), and that's IT. That is my sum total of not feeling so great. (Well, that and a few killer, "the light, THE LIGHT" blinding headaches a year. These are best treated by ingesting one beer. Preferably Newcastle. Um, and potentially some "lactose" moments - but I'm pretty careful.)

My left ear has been blocked for a day now. Very, very not cool. This whole situation is so "not cool" in fact, that I have made a doctor's appointment. I feel a little ridiculous, because I'm pretty sure it's just a nasty cold. BUT, I've been sick a long time, and the non-hearing thing is driving me nuts.

My reluctance to go to the doctor reminded me of one of my more ignominious "battle of the sexes" moments. My friend J and I were installing a new thermostat in my condo. The wires were sort of too short, so we were very close to each other and very close to the wall. Think: Greco-Roman wrestling. For some reason, J launched into a "women are ridiculous" screed. I responded, "Oh yeah? Well, how's this for illogical? Guys won't go to the doctor because if they did, the doctor might say that there's something wrong. So they'd rather not go." J stopped and looked at me quietly for a moment and then said, "Yeah, that's pretty much why my father died."

Game, Set, Match: J. I felt like a royal punk-ass.

*An homage to Mos Def's character in "The Italian Job" (a.k.a. The World's Longest Ad for the Mini Cooper.)

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roonie said...

Ah, foot in mouth - I know that positioning well!

In our defense, how were we supposed to know?