Sunday, April 29, 2007


When I started a blog, I think I made only one promise to myself: "Don't write about traffic." Traffic sucks, we all know it - but when you write about it, you never really make it interesting. It's kind of like talking about how sick you are, what symptoms you have, etc. Because you're in the middle of it, you may think it's riveting, but no one else does. Really. (Conventional wisdom says the same thing about dreams and dream analysis, but I, for one, am an exception to that - I like hearing about people's wacked out talking dog/ flying/ showing up at school naked dreams.)

As you may know, I went through a period of really questioning why I blog, and whether I wanted to continue. My (undeclared) goal for April has been to blog every day. And, as long as I don't somehow miss tomorrow, I will achieve it. It's been instructive - I have to say, it has served as a bit of a kickstart and refocused me on blogging. I still can't define why I blog, but I'm enjoying it a lot more. And anything you enjoy in life should be kept around for as long as it serves you.

Bringing it full circle, the other thing I hoped that I wouldn't write about on my blog was diet/exercise/etc. related. And I'm bending that now. My goal for May is 30 minutes of cardio I know myself - and I'll be a lot more likely to hit my goal if I tell the internets, and record my daily 30 here. Look at me - breaking all my own self-imposed rules!


roonie said...

You never know who is out there relating to your struggles and your triumphs and your deliberations. Never censor what you blog; you state it so eloquently that we'd all be missing out if you did.

agk said...

it's one of my goals, too, to not blog about diet/exercise. it sometimes drives me mad that i can't/won't, but i think it's for the best. we share the same goal for may -- maybe i will check in to see if you are outdoing me (v. likely) :)

as for blogging, yours is one of a small bunch that i like to return to and peruse the archives ...

Anonymous said...

Jigga whaa. I was the anonymous commenter who told you I loved reading your blog. I'm a regular and agree with agk that yours is one of the few that I like to catch up on.
Re: exercise/etc. - if it helps you reach your goals, why not?

Mindy M.