Saturday, April 28, 2007


When Hesse and I were at the library last week, he turned to me and said, "Tell me, have you read up on past-life regression?" Like it was the most common topic in the world.

This week, I launched a blitzkrieg on craigslist . I searched for Spanish and French tutors, and considered tackling some of my demons, too. In that vein, I looked at voice lessons and also swimming lessons. I did the standard Red Cross certified swimming lessons as a child, so I won't drown (right away), but I'm not an efficient swimmer. And water makes me a little panick-y. (My phobia of singing will have to wait until .... next summer, maybe.)

While blitzing, I found an ad for past-life regression hypnotherapy in our area - which I immediately dispatched to H. Ensue the flurry of emails (10+), which boil down to: "You should so try this!" "No, you should totally go!!"

I'm not sure, maybe because of my (a)religious leanings, the idea doesn't interest me in the least. (Which doesn't mean that I won't chauffeur H to a session and milk him for details!)


ads said...

I think you should try the past-life regression hypnotherapy. Maybe you'll run into Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson in postwar L.A.

maisnon said...

ads: Dude, I *love* that movie!