Monday, May 07, 2007


Weekend update, y'all!

Friday Went for drinks with the Sweetest Boy in All the Land (waay too long, we'll call him The Sweet.) Somehow, we forgot that Cinco de Mayo was impending (this was Quatre de Mayo.) So maybe a Mexican restaurant was a bad choice. The conversation was really free-ranging, including therapy, whether or not we want to have kids (um, not with each other!), etc. etc.

Saturday Errands from hell. I did a good bit of cleaning, and tackled some errands I had been putting off for a million years. It's amazing how great crossing off the oldest items in your to-do list feels!

Sunday My friend-who-needs-a-blogname just moved here from DC!! I'm so thrilled! However, she moved to the Marina. (I wish that sentence could read "And" instead of "However.") I don't much care for that neighborhood. I told my friend that I didn't feel comfortable there, and she thought I meant personal safety. Not at all. I've described it as a little slice of LA in SF (Roonie put it better than me: Bev Hills.) I feel like people are much more interested in what you're wearing and what you look like than they are in the other parts of SF. In the Mission, by contrast, I think you could be walking a llama and people wouldn't bat an eye.

We ate at Home, and then wandered Union Street. I introduced her to Lush, but I think she was a little freaked out by it. We stopped in a bunch of boutiques that sell things you can't possibly use at prices you can't possibly afford. (As we were leaving one of them, the proprietor was wrapping a purchase for a customer and said "The ribbon is hand-tied in Paris!" The customer responded "Hand-tied! In Paris! Good to know!" I managed not to laugh until I left, and I'm pretty impressed with myself for it.)

Did I mention the weather? Well, it was hot, burning, HOTT! I don't really do hot, and frankly SF doesn't really either. It was ridiculously hot, by SF-standards and everyone was out in full effect. Along the water, there was a woman in a bikini getting some sun. (I guess, considering SF's weather, you must make hay while the sun shines.) I'm pretty whine-y when I'm hot, so we retreated to the comforts of Sephora. Ah, Sephora - I feel a little girlier every time I visit you.

Biggest news: I set myself a deadline: by Sept. 1, I'm moving to SF.


tamasha said...

I read that and was like, "Huh? You already live there..." But I get it. :)

i like to sleep...and eat... said...

Roll out the guest bed, iltsae is coming to visit!

maisnon said...

Hey, I'm looking for a 2 BR, so ILTSAE and tamasha will have somewhere to stay when they visit! ;)

wt said...

Let's have dinner parties in the City and go to North Beach for fancy Italian restaurants. Let's be City folk.

brimful said...

My work here is done! ;)