Friday, July 18, 2008


So, y'all know about my obsession with all things Google, including Google Reader. (Although, truth be told, Google Maps has been fucking with me recently - in LA, the East Bay, and Daly City. All places where one does not need the fucking around.) I digress - I have my Google Reader divided into categories that work for me. A small sampling: desi, feminista, pollyannasunshine (i.e. all of the self-help, lifehack type blogs.)

I realized that I've been playing a little game with one of the categories. It is very simply named "people I know." Pretty basic. BUT, BUT - I get this ridiculous thrill from moving blogs from a different category (maybe misc, or fun) and into this one. (I even moved PostSecret after I went to a book reading and met Frank.) I also like it when I meet new peeps who have blogs and get to add them.

So, big announcement.... I met SJ of I, Asshole! And in my total blogcrush way, I managed to make her feel NOT AT ALL UNCOMFORTABLE by opening with "So, I haven't been, like, STALKING YOU..." Yeah, social skeelz - I have them. She was chillaxin with Squid. I managed to tell them a dating story that made both of their jaws drop simultaneously. I considered my work done. I also met Maggie of MightyGirl. I was even more teenage boy with her: "Um, I read your blog." Awkward Silence. Crickets. She was v. v. gracious, but man - I need to get some "I read your shit online" game.

I will write more about how/why these fabulous meetings took place. Just wanted to gloat that I get to move TWO blogs into my "people I know category", and ADD a new blog to it! World domination - here I come!

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