Tuesday, March 03, 2009


As you know, I will try anything to reduce/eliminate allergies. I had come to a kind of understanding with my seasonal allergies: cut waaay back on the gluten, and use a neti pot, and I'm golden. Then, it started to rain. And rain some more. And more, and more. And I discovered that I have some heinous post-rain allergies (molds?), and my current methods weren't working. After going through the whole killer sneezing every morning, Hoover dam of congestion every day thing, I decided to get even further out there.

I went and saw a hypnotist. For realz. As always, I bring you what it was like. We had a "phone consultation" first - talked about what was going on with me, what I hoped for, etc. I liked our vibe, so I made an appointment with her. Her office is very low-key. We sat and talked a little more, then I hopped up on a covered massage table. She tucked me in with pillows, an eye mask, and a blankie. (Honestly, I'd go again just for that treatment!) She turned on a CD of a deep, deep tone and started talking. Here, things go a little fuzzy, to my mind - I fell asleep, but apparently, not entirely. After about half an hour (I think?), she brought me out of the state and left me to put myself back together a little. We sat and talked again and she walked me through a self-hypnosis exercise to "reset/reduce" sneezing and congestion (it's basically a visualization.)

And, I've been using it for weeks. I can't say that my congestion is miraculously gone, it's not. BUT, when I get into my sneezing fits - I can self-hypnotize, do my visualization, and stop the sneezing. This is a big, big deal. My allergy sneezing leaves me wiped out, and can get so bad that I feel like I can't leave the house. So, the sneezing is way down - a wonderful thing! Although I can't completely eliminate the congestion, even that I feel like I can dial back. (And that might just be my perception, but in a way, who cares? I feel a lot better!)

So, there you have it - another "out there" idea for your anti-allergy arsenal!


tamasha said...

Danggggg. Hypnotist? I'm impressed and intrigued. Do you know of anyone who's tried a hypnotist for non-seasonal allergies? I need to deal with my food allergies!

maisnon said...

tamasha: Yes! I have read about hypnosis used for food allergies! Here's a site to get you started.

I don't like to support it, but try Yelp to find someone near you.

Scorps1027 said...

your dedication to alleviating your allergies is impressive! I'm allergic to mildew and I find myself with itchy eyes and sneezing after a big rainstorm. In regards to a hypnotist, my husband had REALLY bad allergies when he was a kid and one day he just got fed and willed himself to stop itching. atleast this is the version of the story he tells me.

Salil said...

Now I'm thinking about this for my chronic nail-biting problem. Why the hell not, right?